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Trusted, Timely, Accurate & Affordable transcription services to handle your after-hours reports, fluctuations or the entire transcription function.
Convert data from paper-based forms into useable information
Extract chosen data from paper forms or scanned images, apply custom ver-ification & validation rules, Generate output in any format, Index & Archive to retrieve easily when needed.
Advanced web based medical transcription platform for managing every aspect of dictation and transcription workflow including integration with EMR, PACs or RIS.
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Medical Transcription Medical Transcription

Over the last 13 years, DigiTrans has been trusted by hospitals, medical clinics and physician practices for transcription and editing documents transcribed by voice recognition systems. Backed by smartest and most accurate medical transcription staff in the industry, NavScribe™- our advanced web based....Read More

General Transcription General Transcription

DigiTrans’s recorded media transcription typically covers Legal, Business, Academic and Media production transcription. Our transcription services are reliable, accurate and meticulous. In Legal Transcription, Our services cover all litigation-related proceedings, from depositions to trials, examinations ...Read More

Forms Processing Forms Processing

Form Data Capture, Verfication, Validation and Image Processing Services Our forms processing data capture service will use a combination of technologies like scanning, OCR/ICR/OMR, Bar code recognition in addition to manual data entry, verification and validation. The forms are then scanned & indexed along....Read More